Label Id Description
decreased mass density PATO_0001790 [A density which is lower relative to the normal or average.]
dense PATO_0001164 [A physical quality which inheres in a bearer by virtue of the bearer's exhibiting density.]
decreased object quality PATO_0002303 [A quality of an object that has a value that is decreased compared to normal or average.]
premature 'biological process' abnormallyPrematureBiologicalProcess.yaml [An abnormally early start time of 'biological process'.]
abnormal 'biological_process' abnormalBiologicalProcess.yaml [Abnormal 'biological_process'.]
abnormal PATO_0000460 [A quality inhering in a bearer by virtue of the bearer's deviation from normal or average.]
deviation (from_normal) PATO_0000069 [A quality inhering in a bearer by virtue of the whether the bearer differs from normal or average.]
decreased 'biological_process' abnormallyDecreasedRateOfBiologicalProcess.yaml [decreased 'biological_process'.]
changed 'biological_process' rate abnormalRateOfBiologicalProcess.yaml [Changed rate of 'biological_process'.]
decreased qualitatively 'biological process' abnormallyDecreasedQualityOfBiologicalProcess.yaml [Decreased qualitatively 'biological process'.]
abnormally decreased 'anatomical entity' stability abnormallyDecreasedStabilityOfAnatomicalEntity.yaml [An abnormally decreased stability of the 'anatomical entity'.]
abnormal stability of 'anatomical entity' abnormalStabilityOfAnatomicalEntity.yaml [Any abnormality in the stability of the 'anatomical entity'.]
abnormal 'chemical entity' level abnormalLevelOfChemicalEntity.yaml [An abnormal level of 'chemical entity'.]
Thing Thing
decreased distance between 'anatomical entity1' and 'anatomical entity2' abnormallyDecreasedDistanceBetweenAnatomicalEntities.yaml [Decreased distance between 'anatomical entity1' and 'anatomical entity2'.]
abnormal distance between 'anatomical_entity1' and 'anatomical_entity2' abnormalDistanceBetweenAnatomicalEntities.yaml [abnormal distance between 'anatomical_entity1' and 'anatomical_entity2'.]
abnormal 'anatomical entity' mobility abnormalMobilityOfAnatomicalEntity.yaml [anomaly in the ability to move 'anatomical entity'.]
abnormal 'anatomical entity' abnormalAnatomicalEntityNotParts.yaml [Abnormality of 'anatomical entity'.]
abnormal role 'independent continuant' level abnormalLevelOfChemicalEntityWithRoleInLocation.yaml [An abnormal amount of role in the 'independent continuant'.]
abnormal role level abnormalLevelOfChemicalEntityWithRole.yaml [An abnormal amount of role.]