All properties in UPHENO_PATTERN

Label Id Description
RO_0001900 RO_0001900
RO_0002083 RO_0002083
RO_0002092 RO_0002092
RO_0002161 RO_0002161
RO_0002210 RO_0002210
RO_0002225 RO_0002225
RO_0002254 RO_0002254
RO_0002255 RO_0002255
RO_0002258 RO_0002258
RO_0002286 RO_0002286
RO_0002339 RO_0002339
RO_0002387 RO_0002387
RO_0002388 RO_0002388
RO_0002575 RO_0002575
RO_0002604 RO_0002604
RO_0004049 RO_0004049
RO_0004050 RO_0004050
RO_0040042 RO_0040042
TopObjectProperty TopObjectProperty
actively participates in RO_0002217 [x actively participates in y if and only if x participates in y and x realizes some active role]