Unified Phenotype Ontology (uPheno2)

Cross-species integrated phenotype ontology

  Afrotropical Ecoregion
  Aldabra Island Xeric Scrub Ecoregion
  Anna Maria Masci
  Antarctic front
  Arctic front
  Australasia Ecoregion
  Carnarvon Xeric Shrublands Ecoregion
  Central Ranges Xeric Shrub Ecoregion
  Christopher J. Mungall
  David Osumi-Sutherland
  East Saharan Montane Xeric Woodland Ecoregion
  Eritrean Coastal Desert Ecoregion
  Ethiopian Xeric Grasslands and Shrublands Ecoregion
  Gibson Desert Ecoregion
  Great Victoria Desert Ecoregion
  Hobyo Grassland and Shrubland Ecoregion
  Ile Europa and Bassas da India Ecoregion
  Indo-Malay Ecoregion
  James P. Balhoff
  Kalahari Xeric Savanna Ecoregion
  Kaokoveld Desert Ecoregion
  Lindsay G Cowell
  Madagascar Spiny Thickets Ecoregion
  Madagascar Succulent Woodlands Ecoregion
  Masai Xeric Grasslands and Shrublands Ecoregion
  Nama Karoo Ecoregion
  Namib Desert Ecoregion
  Namibian Savanna Woodland Ecoregion
  Northwestern Thorn Scrub Forests
  Nullarbor Plains Xeric Shrubland Ecoregion
  Oman and United Arab Emirates Ecoregion
  Oman, Yemen, and Saudi Arabia Ecoregion
  Pilbara Shrublands Ecoregion
  Red Sea Coastal Desert Ecoregion
  Shawn Zheng Kai Tan
  Simpson Desert Region
  Socotran Archipelago Ecoregion
  Solar radiation
  Somali Montane Xeric Woodland Ecoregion
  Succulent Karoo Ecoregion
  Thar Desert
  The Great Sandy-Tanami Desert Ecoregion
  Tirari-Sturt Stony Desert Ecoregion
  Western Australian Mulga Shrublands Ecoregion
  World Ocean
  Yemen and Saudi Arabia Ecoregion
  Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and Oman Ecoregion
  axiom holds for all times
  defined class
  example to be eventually removed
  failed exploratory term
  metadata complete
  metadata incomplete
  named class expression
  organizational term
  out of scope
  pending final vetting
  placeholder removed
  ready for release
  requires discussion
  term imported
  term split
  terms merged
  to be replaced with external ontology term

Ontology information

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Number of terms: 176164
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