Dense connective tissue is mainly composed of collagen type I. Crowded between the collagen fibers are rows of fibroblasts, fiber-forming cells, that manufacture the fibers. Dense connective tissue forms strong, rope-like structures such as tendons and ligaments. Tendons attach skeletal muscles to bones; ligaments connect bones to bones at joints. Ligaments are more stretchy and contain more elastic fibers than tendons. Dense connective tissue also make up the lower layers of the skin (dermis), where it is arranged in sheets. [ ]

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Term information

editor note

our OWL definition states that this is differentiated from other connective tissue types by virtue of the fact that the collage fiber component predominates, as opposed to cells and fluid.

external definition

Connective tissue in which the fibrous component predominates. The cells, ground substance, and tissue fluid represent a minor component[NCIT]