A thin fold of ectoderm and endoderm that separates the pharyngeal pouches from the pharyngeal clefts in a developing embryo. [ http://musom.marshall.edu/anatomy/grosshom/z_devbranc.html ]

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each membrane is initially composed of an inner layer formed by the endodermal lining of a branchial pouch and an outer layer formed by the ectodermal lining of the branchial groove; later, these two layers become separated by a thin layer of mesoderm; only the first branchial membrane contributes to the formation of an adult structure, i.e. the tympanic membrane (aka eardrum); the second, third, and fourth membranes are obliterated[MP]

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branchial membrane
pharyngeal membrane
branchial arch membrane

homology notes

In all vertebrates, the endodermal epithelium lining each pouch contacts the surface ectoderm of the clefts to form a series of bilayered branchial membranes, that break down in fish to form the gill openings.[well established][VHOG]