This gland can either be a discrete structure located bilaterally above each kidney, or a cluster of cells in the head kidney that perform the functions of the adrenal gland. In either case, this organ consists of two cells types, aminergic chromaffin cells and steroidogenic cortical cells[GO]. [ ]

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organ_slim, homology_grouping

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keep this grouping class so long as it is required for GO

has exact synonym

adrenal gland/interrenal tissue
adrenal gland - interrenal gland

has related synonym

suprarenal gland - interrenal gland
adrenal - interrenal gland

homology notes

All craniates have groups of cells homologous to the mammalian adrenocortical and chromaffin tissues, but they are scattered in and near the kidneys in fishes. (...) The cortical and chromaffin tissues come together to form adrenal glands in tetrapods.[well established][VHOG]