The pectinate line (anocutaneous line, dentate line, anorectal junction) is a line which divides the upper 2/3rds and lower 1/3rd of the anal canal. Developmentally, this line represents the hindgut-proctodeum junction. It is an important anatomical landmark, and several distinctions can be made based upon the location of a structure relative to this line:. [ ]

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Term information

latin term
linea pectinata canalis analis [ FMA:TA FMA:75383 ]

depicted by

external ontology notes

FMA also has FMA:29321 but it's not clear how this differs

has exact synonym

pectinate line of anal canal
linea pectinata canalis analis

has related synonym

linea anocutanea
Hilton's 'white line'
dentate line
recto-anal junction
site of anal membrane