That portion of the nasal mucosa containing the sensory endings for olfaction; the organ of smell[MESH]. [ ]

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latin term
pars olfactoria tunicae mucosae nasi [ ]

latin term
pars olfactoria tunicae mucosae nasi [ FMA:TA FMA:77199 ]

external definition

The olfactory mucosa is located in the upper region of the nasal cavity and is made up of the olfactory epithelium and the underlying lamina propria, connective tissue containing fibroblasts, blood vessels, Bowman's glands and bundles of fine axons from the olfactory neurons. The mucus protects the olfactory epithelium and allows odors to dissolve so that they can be detected by olfactory receptor neurons. Electron microscopy studies show that Bowman's glands contain cells with large secretory vesicles. The exact composition of the secretions from Bowman's glands is unclear, but there is evidence that Bowman's glands do not produce odorant binding protein[WP][Wikipedia:Olfactory_mucosa].

has exact synonym

olfactory area of nasal mucosa
olfactory zone of nasal mucosa
olfactory part of nasal mucosa
olfactory mucosa
pars olfactoria tunicae mucosae nasi

has related synonym

pars olfactoria tunicae mucosae nasi