Portion of primordial embryonic connective tissue of the developing head, consisting of mesenchymal cells supported in interlaminar jelly, that derive mostly from the mesoderm and contribute to head connective tissue, bone and musculature in conjunction with cranial neural crest cells. [ http://openisbn.com/search.php?q=0683400088&isbn=1/ ]

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database cross reference
  • EHDAA2:0000732
  • EMAPA:16098
  • EFO:0003492
  • FMA:76622
  • TAO:0000113
  • ZFA:0000113
  • EHDAA:179
  • VHOG:0000332

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external definition

Mesoderm that will give rise, along with cranial neural crest cells, to connective tissue, bone and musculature in the head. (Source: BioGlossary, www.Biology-Text.com)[TAO]

has exact synonym

cephalic mesenchyme

has related synonym

cranial mesenchyme