Peritoneum that attaches the spleen to the posterior abdominal wall over the left kidney. develops from the dorsal mesogastrium of the embryo[umich]. [ ]

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Term information

latin term
ligamentum splenorenale [ FMA:TA FMA:16522 ]

latin term
ligamentum lienorenale [ FMA:16522 FMA:TA ]


Multiple sources support greater omentum assignment. E.g. We change the MA part_of assignment to develops_from

has exact synonym

ligamentum lienorenale
splenorenal ligament
ligamentum splenorenale (lienorenale, phrenicosplenicum)
splenicorenal ligament
phrenicolienal ligament
ligamentum splenorenale
lienorenal ligament

has related synonym

phrenico-splenic ligament