Anatomical structure that has as its parts two or more multi-tissue structures of at least two different types and which through specific morphogenetic processes forms a single distinct structural unit demarcated by bona fide boundaries from other distinct anatomical structures of different types. [ ]

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Term information

database cross reference
  • AAO:0010015
  • VHOG:0001723
  • TGMA:0001837
  • AEO:0000024
  • XAO:0003041
  • EHDAA2:0003024
  • ZFA:0000496
  • TAO:0000496
  • CARO:0000024
  • HAO:0000024
  • BILA:0000024
  • TADS:0000598

upper_level, organ_slim

curator note

this class was introduced for consistency with CARO. However, in this ontology we typically classify organs directly under 'organ' rather than subdividing into compound and simple organs



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