Portion of the middle of the three primary germ layers of the embryo that resides on the periphery of the embryo, is continuous with the extra-embryonic mesoderm, splits into two layers enclosing the intra-embryonic coelom, and gives rise to body wall structures[MP]. [ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lateral_plate_mesoderm ]

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LPM [ ZFA:0000121 ]

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The portion of the mesoderm of the trunk of vertebrate embryos lying lateral to the intermediate mesoderm. [...] [It] subdivides into two plates: one dorsal, called the somatopleure, and one ventral, called the splanchnopleure. [Gastrulation:_From_cells_to_embryo_(2004)_Cold_Spring_Harbor, Glossary_XV, New_York:_Cold_Spring_Harbor_Laboratory_Press, Stern_CD][VHOG]
Portion of mesoderm traditionally thought to give rise to limb bones and parts of the girdles.[AAO]

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subclass of mesoderm in ZFA.

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lateral mesoderm

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lateral plate mesenchyme
lateral plate
mesoderma laminae lateralis

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A ventrolateral zone of amphioxus mesoderm grows down to surround the gut. Homology of this zone to the lateral plate mesoderm of vertebrates is supported by site of origin and fate.[well established][VHOG]