The intermediate mesoderm is located between the lateral mesoderm and the paraxial mesoderm. It develops into the kidney and gonads. [ ]

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external definition

Mesoderm between somite and lateral plate. Traditionally thought to give rise to the urogenital system.[AAO]

external ontology notes

all AOs differ in the relationship between this structure and the mesoderm; in ZFA it is a subclass (and this is implied by the GO definition and GO relationships), in AAO it is part of, and in EHDAA2 it develops from the mesoderm (but in EHDAA2 the naming convention is to use 'paraxial mesenchyme', rather than 'paraxial mesoderm').

has related synonym

intermediate plate
intermediate plate mesoderm
mesenchyma intermedium
intermediate mesenchyme

homology notes

(...)the mesoderm of a developing vertebrate transitionally differentiates into the following sub-types: Chordamesoderm (also known as axial mesoderm) which later on gives rise to notochord in all chordates, Paraxial mesoderm, Intermediate mesoderm, Lateral plate mesoderm (reference 1); The mesoderm is present in Bilateria, therefore they are sometimes called triploblasts. Ectoderm and endoderm are usually organized as epithelial layers, while mesoderm can be epithelial or a compact, three-dimensional tissue.[well established][VHOG]