The tough fibrous layer surrounding the kidney which is covered in a thick layer of perirenal adipose tissue that functions to provide some protection from trauma and damage. [ ]

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Term information


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latin term
capsula fibrosa renis [ FMA:66610 FMA:TA ]

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function notes

provides some protection from trauma and damage.

has exact synonym

capsula fibrosa renis
renal capsule
capsule of kidney
fibrous capsule of kidney



structure notes

The renal capsule relates to the other layers in the following order (moving from innermost to outermost): renal medulla renal cortex renal capsule perinephric fat (or 'perirenal fat') renal fascia paranephric fat (or 'pararenal fat') peritoneum (anteriorly), and transversalis fascia (posteriorly).[Wikipedia:Kidney_capsule]