The smooth muscle coat of the uterus, which forms the main mass of the organ and surrounds and supports the endometrium. [ ]

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The muscular wall of the uterus. [TFD][VHOG]

function notes

The myometrium stretches (the smooth muscle cells expand in both size and number) during pregnancy to allow for the harboring of the pregnancy, and contracts in a coordinated fashion during the process of labor. After delivery the myometrium contracts to expel the placenta and reduce blood loss.

has exact synonym

tunica muscularis (myometrium)

has related synonym

uterine myometrium
tunica muscularis
uterine smooth muscle

homology notes

In all mammals, the uterus develops as a specialization of the paramesonephric or Müllerian ducts, which gives rise to the infundibula, oviducts, uterus, cervix, and anterior vagina. Morphogenetic events common to development of all uteri include: 1) differentiation and growth of the myometrium, 2) differentiation and morphogenesis of the endometrial glands, and 3) organization and stratification of endometrial stroma. Uterine development is initiated in the fetus, but is only completed postnatally with differentiation and development of the endometrial glands.[well established][VHOG]