The glandular mucous membrane lining of the uterine cavity that is hormonally responsive during the estrous/menstrual cycle and during pregnancy. [ ]

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uberon_slim, efo_slim, pheno_slim

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external definition

The mucous membrane lining the uterus. [TFD][VHOG]

external ontology notes

in FMA this is subdivided into basal and outer

has exact synonym

tunica mucosa (endometrium)
uterine endometrium
tunica mucosa uteri

has related synonym

uterine mucosa
uterine mucous membrane

homology notes

The maternal part of the placenta (of eutherian mammals) is the vascularized and glandular uterine lining, or endometrium.[well established][VHOG]



taxon notes

Animals that have estrous cycles reabsorb the endometrium if conception does not occur during that cycle. Animals that have menstrual cycles shed the endometrium through menstruation instead