The collecting duct is a portion of the nephron through which water flows, moving passively down its concentration gradient. [ ]

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Term information


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external definition

Renal duct that collects the output from renal tubules.[TAO]

external ontology notes

in ISBN:0073040584 (Vertebrates, Kardong), the nephron is adjacent to the collecting tubule, consistent with FMA, but not GO. Wikipedia says: Many sources include the connecting tubule as part of the collecting duct system. However, the embryological origin is more similar to the nephron than it is to the rest of the collecting duct (which derives from the ureteric bud), and other sources therefore classify the connecting tubule with the nephron

has exact synonym

tubulus renalis colligens
tubulus renalis arcuatus
kidney collecting duct
collecting duct
renal collecting tubule

has related synonym

junctional tube
kidney collecting tubule
arcuate renal tubule
collecting tubule
ureteric tree
collecting duct system