The inner portion of the kidney consisting of the renal pyramids. [ ]

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plural term
medullary pyramids [ FMA:74268 ]

latin term
pyramides renales [ FMA:74268 FMA:TA ]

plural term
renal pyramids set [ FMA:74268 ]

plural term
renal medullae set [ FMA:86327 ]

latin term
medulla renalis [ FMA:TA FMA:74268 ]

plural term
renal pyramids [ FMA:74268 ]

plural term
renal medullae [ FMA:86327 ]

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has exact synonym

renal medullae set
medulla of kidney
pyramides renales
renal pyramids set
medulla renalis
renal pyramids
renal medullae
kidney medulla

has related synonym

renal marrow
medullary pyramids



structure notes

The renal medulla is split up into a number of sections, known as the renal pyramids. Blood enters into the kidney via the renal artery, which then splits up to form the arcuate arterioles. The arcuate arterioles each in turn branch into interlobular arterioles, which finally reach the glomeruli. At the glomerulus the blood reaches a highly disfavourable pressure gradient and a large exchange surface area, which forces the serum portion of the blood out of the vessel into the renal tubules. Flow continues through the renal tubules, including the proximal tubule, the Loop of Henle, and finally leaves the kidney by means of the collecting duct, leading to the renal ureter. The renal medulla contains the structures of the nephrons responsible for maintaining the salt and water balance of the blood. The renal medulla is hypertonic to the filtrate in the nephron and aids in the reabsorption of water