In mammals, the metanephros is the excretory organ of the fetus, which develops into the mature kidney and is formed from the rear portion of the nephrogenic cord. The metanephros is an endocrine and metabolic organ that filters the blood and excretes the end products of body metabolism in the form of urine[GO]. [ ]

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During the fifth week of gestation, the mesonephric duct develops an outpouching, the ureteric bud, near its attachment to the cloaca. This bud, also called the metanephrogenic diverticulum, grows posteriorly and towards the head of the embryo. The elongated stalk of the ureteric bud, the metanephric duct, later forms the ureter. As the cranial end of the bud extends into the intermediate mesoderm, it undergoes a series of branchings to form the collecting duct system of the kidney. It also forms the major and minor calyces and the renal pelvis

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A kidney formed of nephric tubules arising in the posterior region of the nephric ridge and drained by a ureter; replaces the embryonic pronephros and mesonephros [in mammals]. [Evolution, Fourth_Edition_(2006)_McGraw-Hill, Function, Kardong_KV, Vertebrates:_Comparative_Anatomy, p.745][VHOG]

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The ureteric diverticulum grows dorsally into the posterior region of the nephric ridge. Here it enlarges and stimulates the growth of metanephric tubules that come to make up the metanephric kidney. The metanephros becomes the adult kidney of amniotes.[well established][VHOG]