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uberon_slim, pheno_slim

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Dense regular connective tissue that connects muscle to bone.[VSAO]

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in FMA, tendon is an organ component that with parts dense-irregular-connective-tissue of tendon and dense-irregular-connective-tissue of tendon sheath; we follow VSAO in making it a subtype of the former. In VSAO tendons connect muscle to bone; in WP the def states integument (e.g. auricular muscles) - but JB confirms this is not actually tendon but aponeurosis

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Phylogenetically, tendinous tissue first appears in the invertebrate chordate Branchiostoma as myosepta. This two-dimensional array of collagen fibers is highly organized, with fibers running along two primary axes. In hagfish the first linear tendons appear and the myosepta have developed specialized regions with unidirectional fiber orientation - a linear tendon within the flat sheet of myoseptum.[well established][VHOG]