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Label Id Description
2D boundary of RO_0002000 [a relation between a 2D immaterial entity (the boundary) and a material entity, in which the boundary delimits the material entity]
A synonym that is historic and discouraged DEPRECATED
A synonym that is recorded for consistency with another source but is a misspelling MISSPELLING
Angiosperm Angiosperm
Arabidopsis Arabidopsis
BFO_0000179 BFO_0000179
BFO_0000180 BFO_0000180
Citrus Citrus
Gymnosperms Gymnosperms
Maize Maize
OBO foundry unique label IAO_0000589 [An alternative name for a class or property which is unique across the OBO Foundry.]
Poaceae Poaceae
RO_0001900 RO_0001900
RO_0002100 RO_0002100
Rice Rice
Synonym to be removed from public release but maintained in edit version as record of external usage EXCLUDE
TV_pl TV_pl
TV_sg TV_sg
TV_vbg TV_vbg