All terms in CHR

Label Id Description
12q13.3 (Human) CHR_9606-chr12q13.3
12q13 (Human) CHR_9606-chr12q13
2qA1 (Mouse) CHR_10090-chr2qA1
2qA (Mouse) CHR_10090-chr2qA
Mus musculus NCBITaxon_10090
17qE3 (Mouse) CHR_10090-chr17qE3
17qE (Mouse) CHR_10090-chr17qE
17qE2 (Mouse) CHR_10090-chr17qE2
12q13.1 (Human) CHR_9606-chr12q13.1
2qA3 (Mouse) CHR_10090-chr2qA3
17qE1 (Mouse) CHR_10090-chr17qE1
12q13.2 (Human) CHR_9606-chr12q13.2
2qA2 (Mouse) CHR_10090-chr2qA2
Myomorpha NCBITaxon_1963758
Rodentia NCBITaxon_9989
17qE5 (Mouse) CHR_10090-chr17qE5
17qE4 (Mouse) CHR_10090-chr17qE4
cytoplasmic region GO_0099568 [Any (proper) part of the cytoplasm of a single cell of sufficient size to still be considered cytoplasm.]
cytoplasm GO_0005737 [All of the contents of a cell excluding the plasma membrane and nucleus, but including other subcellular structures.]
13q12.11 (Human) CHR_9606-chr13q12.11