All terms in CHR

Label Id Description
chromosome 15 (Rat) CHR_10116-chr15
8q13.3 (Human) CHR_9606-chr8q13.3
8q13.1 (Human) CHR_9606-chr8q13.1
chromosome 18 (Rat) CHR_10116-chr18
chromosome 19 (Rat) CHR_10116-chr19
8q12 (Rat) CHR_10116-chr8q12
8q11 (Rat) CHR_10116-chr8q11
chromosome 20 (Rat) CHR_10116-chr20
chloroplast chromosome GO_0042648 [A circular DNA molecule containing chloroplast encoded genes.]
plastid chromosome GO_0009508 [A circular DNA molecule containing plastid encoded genes.]
chloroplast nucleoid GO_0042644 [The region of a chloroplast to which the DNA is confined.]
8q24 (Rat) CHR_10116-chr8q24
8q2 (Rat) CHR_10116-chr8q2
plastid nucleoid GO_0042646 [The region of a plastid to which the DNA is confined.]
intracellular non-membrane-bounded organelle GO_0043232 [Organized structure of distinctive morphology and function, not bounded by a lipid bilayer membrane and occurring within the cell. Includes ribosomes, the cytoskeleton and chromosomes.]
nucleoid GO_0009295 [The region of a virus, bacterial cell, mitochondrion or chloroplast to which the nucleic acid is confined.]
plastid stroma GO_0009532 [The proteinaceous ground substance of plastids.]
mitochondrial nucleoid GO_0042645 [The region of a mitochondrion to which the DNA is confined.]
mitochondrial matrix GO_0005759 [The gel-like material, with considerable fine structure, that lies in the matrix space, or lumen, of a mitochondrion. It contains the enzymes of the tricarboxylic acid cycle and, in some organisms, the enzymes concerned with fatty acid oxidation.]
chloroplast stroma GO_0009570 [The space enclosed by the double membrane of a chloroplast but excluding the thylakoid space. It contains DNA, ribosomes and some temporary products of photosynthesis.]