Label Id Description
notochordal canal UBERON_0013704 [A tubular passage that extends from the primitive pit into the head process during the early stages of embryonic development in mammals. It perforates the splanchnopleure layer so that the yolk sac and the amnion are connected temporarily.]
anatomical conduit UBERON_0004111 [Any tube, opening or passage that connects two distinct anatomical spaces.]
ectoderm-derived structure UBERON_0004121 [An anatomical structure that develops (entirely or partially) from the ectoderm.]
notochordal process UBERON_0006268 [A midline cellular cord formed from the migration of mesenchymal cells from the primitive knot.]
integumentary projection UBERON_0013703 [Anatomical projection that is part of the integumentl system.]
integumentary adnexa UBERON_0006003 [Anatomical structure embedded in or located in the integument that is part of the integumental system. Examples: hair, follicles, skin glands, claws, nails, feathers.]
anatomical projection UBERON_0004529 [A projection or outgrowth of tissue from a larger body or organ.]
body proper UBERON_0013702 [The region of the organism associated with the visceral organs.]
organism subdivision UBERON_0000475 [Anatomical structure which is a subdivision of a whole organism, consisting of components of multiple anatomical systems, largely surrounded by a contiguous region of integument.]
main body axis UBERON_0013701 [A principle subdivision of an organism that includes all structures along the primary axis, typically the anterior-posterior axis, from head to tail, including structures of the body proper where present (for example, ribs), but excluding appendages.]
anterior superior iliac spine UBERON_0013708 [The anterior superior iliac spine (ASIS) is an important landmark of surface anatomy. It refers to the anterior extremity of the iliac crest of the pelvis, which provides attachment for the inguinal ligament, the sartorius muscle, and the tensor fasciae latae. ASIS provides a clue in identifying some other clinical landmarks, including: McBurney's point Gardner's line Roser-NC)laton line A - Anterior (front, like the face) S - Superior (towards the head, opposite to feet) I - Iliac S - Spine.]
anterior iliac spine UBERON_0013712
iliac spine UBERON_0013707 [A bone spine that is part of a ilium.]
mesoderm-derived structure UBERON_0004120 [An anatomical structure that develops (entirely or partially) from the mesoderm.]
bone spine UBERON_0013706
ilium UBERON_0001273 [Paired endochondral bone that is the dorsal-most of the pelvic bones, offering attachment areas for gluteal muscles on its main surface [PHENOSCAPE:ad].]
bony projection UBERON_0004530 [Anatomical projection that is composed of bone tissue.]
fascia of Scarpa UBERON_0013705 [The deep layer (fascia of Scarpa) is a layer of the anterior abdominal wall.]
abdominal fat pad UBERON_0003427 [The encapsulated adipose tissue in the abdomen.]
anterior abdominal wall UBERON_0006635 [The abdominal wall represents the boundaries of the abdominal cavity. The abdominal wall is split into the posterior (back), lateral (sides) and anterior (front) walls. There is a common set of layers covering and forming all the walls: the deepest being the extraperitoneal fat, the parietal peritoneum, and a layer of fascia which has different names over where it covers (eg transversalis, psoas fascia). Superficial to these, but not present in the posterior wall are the three layers of muscle, the transversus abdominis (transverse abdominal muscle), the internal (obliquus internus) and the external oblique (obliquus externus).]