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Label Id Description
2D boundary of RO_0002000 [a relation between a 2D immaterial entity (the boundary) and a material entity, in which the boundary delimits the material entity]
A historic synonym, no longer encouraged DEPRECATED
BDS_subset BDS_subset
Git repository GitRepository
IAO_0000111 IAO_0000111
IAO_0000114 IAO_0000114
IAO_0000117 IAO_0000117
IAO_0000118 IAO_0000118
IAO_0000119 IAO_0000119
IAO_0000231 IAO_0000231
IAO_0000412 IAO_0000412
IAO_0000700 IAO_0000700
IAO_isReversiblePropertyChain IAO_isReversiblePropertyChain
RO_0001900 RO_0001900
RO_0040042 RO_0040042
SVN repository SVNRepository
TopObjectProperty TopObjectProperty
_upper_level _upper_level
a mis-spelling that is in common use and thus recorded MISSPELLING
a synonym made on the basis of a possibly homologous structure in another species HOMOLOGY