All terms in GENO

Label Id Description
analysis subset ontology module IAO_8000008 [An ontology module that is intended for usage in analysis or discovery applications.]
subset ontology module IAO_8000006 [An ontology module that is extracted from a main ontology module and includes only a subset of entities or axioms.]
single layer subset ontology module IAO_8000009 [A subset ontology that is largely comprised of a single layer or strata in an ontology class hierarchy. The purpose is typically for rolling up for visualization. The classes in the layer need not be disjoint.]
ontology module IAO_8000000
variant genome GENO_0000033 [A genome that varies at one or more loci from the sequence of some reference genome.]
genome SO_0001026 [A collection of sequence features (typically a collection of chromosomes) that covers the sum genetic material within a cell or virion (where 'genetic material' refers to any nucleic acid that is part of a cell or virion and has been inherited from an ancestor cell or virion, and/or can be replicated and inherited by its progeny)]
sequence_alteration SO_0001059 [A sequence_alteration is a sequence_feature whose extent is the deviation from another sequence.]
reference genome GENO_0000914 [A genome whose sequence is identical to that of a genome sequence considered to be the reference.]
curation subset ontology module IAO_8000007 [A subset ontology that is intended as a whitelist for curators using the ontology. Such a subset will exclude classes that curators should not use for curation.]
reference allele GENO_0000036 [An allele whose sequence matches what is consdiered to be the reference sequence at that location in the genome.]
allele GENO_0000512 [One of a set of sequence features known to exist at a particular genomic location.]
reference GENO_0000152 [An attribute inhering in a feature that is designated to serve as a standard against which 'variant' versions of the same location are compared.]
bridge ontology module IAO_8000004 [An ontology module that consists entirely of axioms that connect or bridge two distinct ontology modules. For example, the Uberon-to-ZFA bridge module.]
RNAi_reagent SO_0000337
gene knockdown reagent GENO_0000533
family PCO_0000020 [A domestic group, or a number of domestic groups linked through descent (demonstrated or stipulated) from a common ancestor, marriage, or adoption.]
collection of organisms PCO_0000000 [A material entity that consists of two or more organisms, viruses, or viroids.]
import ontology module IAO_8000005 [A subset ontology module that is intended to be imported from another ontology.]
junction SO_0000699
sequence_feature SO_0000110 [Any extent of continuous biological sequence.]