All properties in GENO

Label Id Description
IAO_alt_id IAO_alt_id
IAO_created_by IAO_created_by
IAO_creation_date IAO_creation_date
IAO_id IAO_id
IAO_subset IAO_subset
IAO_xref IAO_xref
OBO foundry unique label IAO_0000589 [An alternative name for a class or property which is unique across the OBO Foundry.]
ObsoleteDataProperty GENO_0000712
ObsoleteProperty ObsoleteProperty
TopObjectProperty TopObjectProperty
alternative term IAO_0000118 [An alternative name for a class or property which means the same thing as the preferred name (semantically equivalent)]
antisymmetric property IAO_0000427 [use boolean value xsd:true to indicate that the property is an antisymmetric property]
association has object association_has_object
association has predicate association_has_predicate
association has subject association_has_subject
bearer of RO_0000053 [a relation between an independent continuant (the bearer) and a specifically dependent continuant (the dependent), in which the dependent specifically depends on the bearer for its existence]
bears_concretization_of GENO_0000211 [A relation between a material information bearer or material genetic sequence bearer and generically dependent continuant that carries information or sequence content that the bearer encodes]
begin begin
benign_for_condition GENO_0000843
bounds sequence of RO_0002522 [x bounds the sequence of y iff the upstream-most part of x is upstream of or coincident with the upstream-most part of y, and the downstream-most part of x is downstream of or coincident with the downstream-most part of y]