All terms in CHR

Label Id Description
22p1 (Human) CHR_9606-chr22p1
chromosomal region GO_0098687 [Any subdivision of a chromosome along its length.]
22p (Human) CHR_9606-chr22p
Homo sapiens NCBITaxon_9606
8q13 (Rat) CHR_10116-chr8q13
8q1 (Rat) CHR_10116-chr8q1
Rattus norvegicus NCBITaxon_10116
chromosome 12 (Rat) CHR_10116-chr12
autosome GO_0030849 [Any chromosome other than a sex chromosome.]
nuclear chromosome GO_0000228 [A chromosome that encodes the nuclear genome and is found in the nucleus of a eukaryotic cell during the cell cycle phases when the nucleus is intact.]
chromosome 13 (Rat) CHR_10116-chr13
chromosome 10 (Rat) CHR_10116-chr10
chromosome 11 (Rat) CHR_10116-chr11
chromosome 16 (Rat) CHR_10116-chr16
chromosome 17 (Rat) CHR_10116-chr17
9p22.1 (Human) CHR_9606-chr9p22.1
9p22 (Human) CHR_9606-chr9p22
chromosome 14 (Rat) CHR_10116-chr14
8q13.2 (Human) CHR_9606-chr8q13.2
8q13 (Human) CHR_9606-chr8q13